Saturday, April 30, 2011

List Your Obsessions!

Since the past couple posts have been a bit dark, I figured this week's post ought to have more levity. I invite you to list the things you've been obsessed with over the years. Now, one important thing to realize is that everybody defines "obsession" differently. I personally have a very extreme definition of what constitutes obsession. By the way I define it, I stopped getting obsessed with things in the summer of 1995 when I was about to turn fifteen. After that, I got obsessed with people on whom I had a crush (that will be the topic of next week's post). That can be a royal pain, so let's focus on the obsessions that have been mostly fun and harmless.

Here is my list!

  • Fall 1986- late 1987 (age 6-7): Sesame Street
  • Fall 1986- late 1988 (age 6-8): Tom & Jerry
  • Winter 1986 (age 6): Santa Claus: The Movie and anything related to Santa Claus.
  • Late 1988- Late 1989 (age 8-9): DuckTales
  • Late 1989- Spring 1991 (age 9-10): Back to the Future trilogy
  • Spring-Fall 1991 (age 10): The Simpsons
  • Fall 1991-Summer 1993 (age 11-12): The Addams Family movie
  • Summer 1993-Summer 1995 (age 12-14): The Russians are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!/Anything related to actor Alan Arkin
  • Summer 1994 (age 13): The Rocketeer (another movie with Alan Arkin)


  1. Wow, what a great topic! It'll take me quite a while to compile a list of life obsessions, but I suppose I could start with high school. Specific characters are in parentheses.

    Freshman year: Charlotte's Web/spiders in general, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Marvin the paranoid android), towards the end of the year

    Sophomore year: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Marvin), some Invader Zim (GIR)

    Junior year: Star Trek the Original Series (Spock)

    Senior year: Star Trek the next generation (Data), Portal (GLaDOS), 2001: A Space Odyssey (HAL 9000)

    So in general you could say that my obsessions focus on nonhuman characters, or AI characters (which kind of seeps into my artwork). And I have always had a deep love of visual art and the sciences.

  2. You didn't have any prior to those years?

  3. I did, but it would take me a while to create a list, so this was just a sampling.

  4. Awesome I have Asperers as well. I'll join in and list my obsessions. I'm currently a high school student (16) so I'll post it by grade and age. By the way, its awesome to see a blog dedicated to Aspergers, keep it up! :)

    *Ancient Egypt/Mesoamerica: When I was little to about 8th grade.
    *World War II: From 8th grade to present
    *Russia/USSR, China: 10th grade on
    *Airplanes and Aviation: My entire life lol
    *Cars: Also almost my entire life
    *Roller Coasters: Well from about Freshman year on.
    *The Military (Global militaries and military history, along with weapons): 5th grade on.

  5. As long as I can remember-Present: Math, Purple
    Little kid: Barney, Blues Clues
    7th grade, 10th grade, current: geometric designs
    6th-8th grade, present: finding 4+ leaf clovers
    8th-9th grade, freshman year of college: sewing, knitting
    11th-12th grade: chainmaille (the armor, not the letters)
    12th grade-Present: Nanotechnology
    I cycle some, and there are often several at any given time, which will mini-cycle.

  6. Little kid: Thomas the tank engine, blue clues, teletubbies, Care Bears, or anything on pbs kids or nick jr, and finding Nemo
    10-12: iCarly, big time rush, victorious
    13-17: full house, Seinfeld, Everybody loves Raymond, and home improvement
    I have high functioning autism and I have had mild obessions since I was little.